Keirsteadville Adventure: Reddin Falls

DSC01406Fresh off the plane (yesterday), we were eager to get out as a family again for the first time in two  months!  We bundled up for a chilly morning, but were thankful of the cold temperatures keeping the black flies at bay for most of the day. 

I had heard about Reddin Falls from a couple of people in the Belleisle area — finding out that it is a little known falls deep in the hills that rise behind Keirsteadville, along Belleisle Bay.  After arriving nearby and speaking with a neighbour, the five of us (Willow too!) walked into the woods and headed up river toward the hills.  DSC01428DSC01418 
Rebecca walked for most of the way, as we passed by cow pastures (and dung!)  and began the many river crossings that lead you to the falls.  Abby took the high road for most of the way, riding in the backpack.  Rebecca did very well on her first long hike, taking the water with stride.  Rebecca collected leaves on her trip and Abby spent time pointing out all the interesting things in the forest.   We did see some poison ivy in bloom and the kids had fun pointing out "poison owie".   After about nine (!) river crossings along a meandering path, we reached a point where the cliffed walls began closing in — and the girls noticed the familiar roar of the falls up ahead.  We stopped for lunch and threw many rocks for Willow.  Abby even tried following me across river to make my climb for the top, waving at Sheena, 
DSC01433 Snoring  
"Bye mom!"   Thankfully, Sheena rounded her up.  On the way back, Abby was clearly tuckered out and had a nap in the  backpack for the return trip. 

The MacDonalds

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