The Hill

DSC00937 DSC00940-1 Everyone can remember their favorite sledding hill from when they were kids.  We found a good spot earlier in the year and its made even better by tracksetting from a local snowmobile association.  Best of all, not too many snowmobiles!

We headed out there today after mother nature brought us some welcome mild weather.  For the 20 minute snowshoe trip to get there, we had a little sled train going with our passengers (Rebecca and Abigail) and sledding equipment (2 extra sleds, blankets, camera and secret weapon: hot chocolate and peppermints).

Holding a camera and trying to steer a sled is somewhat of an acquired skill I have yet to acquire. 🙂

One thought on “The Hill

  1. I love it! The video is better than expected…I was thinking that the screen would go white after a few seconds…but you held on! Looks like fun 🙂


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