5 thoughts on “Got Snow?

  1. OH Wow Dave. I love the pics. and Your house looks awesome!! Nana is getting the internet tomorrow so we must get her an email address so you can send her pics of your girls and well you and Sheena too. haha. Will keep you posted. Jeanette has a laptop so that will be a great way for you all to keep nana with pics!


  2. Perhaps its just the angle of the photos, but I don’t see a secondary exit dug out of your home. What if, God forbid, the missus lets one go? How are you going to get your children to safety? They might choke to death.
    Start digging. If you get Sabrina’s husband to help, you could spend the day making jokes about old video games.


  3. Dave, I love the back lighting on the house it looks so evangelical. aaaahhh! How did you manage to angle all the lights just right
    Love it so pretty.. from here in chinook country
    The picture is beautiful but I’m sure moving all that snow was not so…


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