As a guy and father with two girls, there are a few skills that are 'must haves', including:  being able to know and recognize  all the 'princesses' by name,  learning about all the girl clothing such as dresses, stockings, shoes and the like (and knowing how to put them on) and watching the playtime with make-up.   Our girls are starting to try all of the above and thankfully the adult women in my life are a lot of help! 

Here's Laurena (aka Auntie Wee) helping out putting on 'finger nail paint' on her last visit.


Abby later sports one of my favorite hats…and her dress! A great combo in my mind.


Rebecca is happy to wear a new dress from Cape Breton!


Abby looking serious playing with a friend's trainset.  About two hours earlier, she was really serious about putting on that same dress. 🙂

Abigail and trains
                                                    (Becky Steeves photo)


6 thoughts on “Girls

  1. I was thinking the same thing “Taren”…about the finger nail paint that is:) Clearly the writer of this article does not possess female DNA.


  2. Oh my! Loook at our beautiful grandchildren!!! They are beautiful in their new jumpers aka dresses. You have to make sure those outfits are in their bags for their trip to C.B. when GMa is doing the BSitting.


  3. lol! Ok Dave, you’re forgiven. Just trying to give you some “sisterly” advice! You are doing an amazing job as a father to those two beautiful girls! Love you guys!


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