November update and photos

 Last week, we traveled to Moncton to meet up with both sets of grandparents and also take in this year's Santa Claus Parade in Moncton.  The parade was Abby's first and we were treated with a light snowfall that evening.  Throughout the parade, Abby tried to hug all the mascots as they walked by.  The parade was huge with 1 1/2hrs of Christmas lights, revellers and of course, the long awaited Santa float.


While in Moncton, we also visited Sheena's grandmother.  It was a nice visit and the girls liked all the attention!


Sunday saw us gathering up bows and lights to decorate the house.  The girls helped us gather the bows and only melted down once. :)  They love looking at the lights every night before they head to bed.  We went a little Griswold on our wishing well.


Lastly, Willow is getting BIG and strong! Here I am trying to lift her up for a photo. Sheena had a real memorable moment on Sunday while she was wrestling with Willow, when Willow delivered a k.o. with her snout…


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