Open Fire Ribs

DSC00702 We had some fun cooking supper tonight and it was something that I've always wanted to do: meat on an open fire!  There are a couple of key points: getting a good bunch of coals is the most important part (thanks Sheena); using a stable platform; and constant attention to the fire and the meat.  The end result was a smoke house flavour to back ribs that tasted almost as if they were baked in an oven.  Fun times!


3 thoughts on “Open Fire Ribs

  1. Oh and shouldn’t you have a toothbrush and a tent in the background? Seems like any other time you were near a campfire and had a similar blue fleecy on, you had a toothbrush in your mouth. 😛


  2. Easy cowpoke, it’s a bbq thong not a lighter! Do you actually think I’d resort to such an advanced device for making fire? We lit that one with a magnifying glass and birch bark, Ms. Sanitation. 🙂


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