A trip to Wallace Falls

DSC00659DSC00652Yesterday the clan headed out to Wallace Falls southeast of Sussex  Corner.  It’s a bit of a drive through dirt logging roads,  but really not as bad as I had once thought.  As it turns out, the roads we drove on were actually listed as ‘snowmobile trails’ in the backcountry map book — but they would easily pass as normal dirt roads for anyone else.  Nevertheless, we arrived at the Quiddy after a couple of missed turns and set out on our hike.  With both girls  in backpacks, it made for a fun time walking along the short trail toward the falls.  The last part of our trail was a decent into a steep ravine, but with the new(er) installed stairs, it made for easier access.  Along the way, Abby kept saying to me, “Dad….beeee careful.  Be Caaareful, Dad.”  It was funny. I’ve never had a talking backpack before. DSC00669

We arrived at the river bottom to find a nice little area to see the falls,   which was covered in broken glass and probably the most I’ve ever seen at a waterfall site.  So, naturally, we spent about an hour DSC00692DSC00677cleaning up the area so the kids could play without our worries for them.  Once it was cleaned up, we had a fun time throwing rocks for Willow and climbing around the rocks.  Abby is a natural, so much so that we had to watch she wasn’t going to just dive into the water while exploring along with me. 

Overall, the weather was 20C and sunny, and all of us were glad to be outdoors! 

Here’s the link to the Seeking Waterfalls version: http://macdonald.typepad.com/waterfalls/2010/11/wallace-falls.html



2 thoughts on “A trip to Wallace Falls

  1. Love the pictures!! The girls look so natural as hikers. LOVE the picture of Abby eating the fruit. Such a cutie (much like her godmother???).
    Why do those kids with the bottles have to make such a mess at the waterfall??! Grrr.


  2. Nice work guys, those aren’t light backpacks anymore… wow the girls are so grown up. Love the matching orange hunting hats for the girls but really I think you and dave should be sporting them as well.
    Wait.. what’s that I hear rustling in the bushes.. deer? rabbit? moose? nope it’s the MacDonalds!


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