DSC00522DSC00523  The seasons are upon us.  We've had Thanksgiving and now we're into Halloween.  The big girl (Sheena) picked up pumpkins for the little girls (Abigail and Rebecca) to decorate.  We had fun the other day cutting, emptying and decorating pumpkins.  For a couple of days, they were played with like any other toy that they have, until we finally had to put them out on the deck.  Who would think pumpkins would begin to 'wilt' when tossed around inside at 20C ? 
DSC00541 DSC00525 DSC00527  DSC00528

3 thoughts on “Pumpkins

  1. Dave !!! Your girls are sooo cute ! I can’t believe how big they are getting. You are one lucky man with three beautiful ladies to protect… Hope all is well. Alicia and boys


  2. Those pics are great, I love the one in the bathroom with the pumpkins on the counter and Rebecca and Abigails reflexion in the mirror. That one is amazing.


  3. These are great pictures!! Although I have to agree with your Mom, the one with the reflection in the mirror is too funny! The best one! 😀


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