Over the past month, we had the opportunity to visit Cape Breton and go to two weddings.  In July, Shauna (David's cousin) married Marc in Mabou.  The weather was exceptional and the girls had fun getting dressed up to see all the 'princesses' of bridesmaids.


In September, and during the 'Earl' weather event amid a long power outage, heavy wind and lots of rain, Leanne (David's Cousin) married Shawn in West Lake Ainslie.  This time Sheena was visiting in Halifax, so I had both girls to this wedding.  Both loved watching the wedding, eating popcorn and thankfully not noticing the strong wind moving the old church back and forth. Between the wedding and reception, the rain had stopped, but the wind was too much fun not to enjoy with the kids.

IMG_0791 IMG_0816

We also had a little gettogether at my uncle's place and Rebecca and Abby enjoyed picking tomatoes and carrots. 



Congratulations to both couples, Shauna and Marc and Leanne and Shawn, best wishes for the future!



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