Early Summer in Mabou

DSC09860DSC09909DSC09870This past week, Sheena and I took the kids to Cape Breton for some time in Mabou.  We were lucky to have such nice weather during our time there. 

On our first day, I took Willow down to the Mabou River for some play time. Willow has really become comfortable with the water.  We also saw a bald eagle up close on the TC trail.

Rebecca and Willow were visiting with some cows next door on Friday.  Abby had 100_0640DSC09908the chance to help Grampy MacDonald with his sale of turkeys and chickens. (Abby kept sticking her fingers in the cage, saying 'Ow' each time the day old chicks nipped her finger).  

Saturday had us visiting West Mabou Beach with the kids and Willow.  Everyone enjoyed the sand and tranquillity of having a mile long beach almost to ourselves.  That night, we made our usual trip to the Red Shoe Pub for some music and beverages. 

One of the more memorable moments was an evening of fishing back down at the Mabou River with Brennan.  That night, it was amazing to see the wildlife around us, including a flock of Canada geese and a couple of beavers swimming nearby. DSC09916DSC09901DSC09898  


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