More Willow photos


Abigail and Willow got to know each other a little more yesterday during the nice weather.


She's been sitting very well on command, she also responds well to the 'come' command during her off-leash time yesterday.  When Abigail went for a little jaunt down the driveway, Willow even herded her to prevent her from going to far after we called out to Abigail.  It was quite neat to see.

DSC09787 DSC09794

3 thoughts on “More Willow photos

  1. Where have I been?!?!>? A dog wow you are super mom!!! She is gorgeous, and I’m not talking about the pup. Sheena you look fan-freak’n-tastic!!!! oh and congrats on Willow, cutie, I’m sure you and the girls will have many day time adventure.
    Miss you all, think of you often
    hugs and kisses from the West


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