Introducing Willow MacDonald!


'Willow' was adopted by us yesterday from a shelter in Saint John.  Little is known about her as she was found running on her own in a rural area outside the city.  She is around 4-5 months old and a beautiful mix of a husky and border collie breed.  So far, she's excellent with the kids and very gentle.  She even knows how to play nicely, as we quickly found out after we brought her home.  We'll be busy house training her, pet training our ourselves (ha!) for the next little while.  Abby and Rebecca are very excited about their new friend and I'm getting her ready for the summer hiking season.  (Or maybe it's the other way around?)

2 thoughts on “Introducing Willow MacDonald!

  1. Oh my goodness!!! You have a dog?!?! FINALLY…there’s a Doggie MacDonald! If you ever need a dog sitter (and I guess…a kidsitter too) I’ll be there! She’s cute. 🙂


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