Winter & Cape Breton


We made a short visit to Cape Breton this past weekend.  Our last day had been cut short a bit due to our need to return to NB before the following day's snowy weather. The day before we left, we did have some fun sliding behind Gramma's place. 


After sliding, the girls enjoyed eating ice cream before bath time.


After driving home from Cape Breton amid wonderful sunny weather, we couldn't help but enjoy it for the last few hours of daylight.  Rebecca and Abby wanted to go to the woods, which we were sure to oblige!  There are a few nice snowmobile trails walking distance from our house.  The trails are at the far end of the used trail system, but suit us nice and are packed down for little hikes.  Of course, as Kris and I found out earlier in the year these are really excellent mountain biking trails for summer and fall.


Rebecca the snow hiker followed Abby and Dad for a while. 

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