A January update

With the colder weather and somewhat frequent blizzards, January has been an DSC09566DSC09560in-house month for us.  We've been able to do lots of work on the basement.  Now, we're ready (finally) for our home energy evaluation, a year after getting our home.  We've also spent some time working on one bedroom, which Dave is claiming as his nightshift room.  But really, if you end up being a guest here, you might actually have somewhere to sleep!

The girls have been doing great.  Rebecca is moving along with her potty training very well, especially now that she knows she can pause the TV or ask people to wait for her so she can go to the bathroom.  It's amazing how well that and stickers work for the little ones.  Abby is talking more and more and even making her own attempts at copying her sister in the bathroom.  Abby is also picking up many words, as she has her own little teacher for a sister.  Rebecca's saying of the week was "Mommy, I'm DSC09547DSC09552losing my mind!"  I'm not sure where she got that from….  Abbys hair is getting curly in the back, but puffs up straight on top.  Rebecca's hair is getting so long, she's been using clips to her enjoyment. 

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