Two weeks until Santa

 Between setting up Christmas lights and decorations inside the house and out and the traditional music  playing throughout the house, Rebecca and Abby are both excited for Christmas.


We found a nice tree out back, cut it down and hauled the tree and kids back in knee deep snow.  Part of the adventure reminded me distinctly of Christmas Vacation (specifically the freezing the kids and cutting a way too big tree down parts of the movie).  As for setting up the tree, there was only one smashed bulb and meltdown to report.DSC09399DSC09387DSC09410  DSC09395    DSC09396

2 thoughts on “Two weeks until Santa

  1. Haha…probably Dave. He was throwing a fit while he was reenacting his favorite scene from the movie….(where what-his-name brings home the boss and goes on the rant).
    Cute pics, love the close up of Abby. 🙂


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