Fall Flying By

DSC09225DSC09259The past month and a half have been going quick for the MacDonalds and its been a very busy month getting ready for winter and doing a few projects around the house.  The concrete company finally arrived to repour our basement floor.  Shortly after that, we began studding the basement and readying it for insulation.  Sheena's Dad spent more than a few days here as the brains behind our renovation.  Thankfully, I was left with the grunt work — much easier on the mind!  Sheena was the foreman, if you must know. 



DSC09219DSC09256Abby has been walking very well now, she motors her way around the house and is getting better at her off-road walking too.  Her and Rebecca have a few cute moments holding hands.

The girls and Sheena went up to Moncton a few times as well in the past little while.  During one visit, they were lucky to play with their cousins Summer and Ocean and dove into homemade playdough.I also took the girls on a few waterfall hikes in our area. 

After checking out a neat website, we found quite a few within a half hour drive from Belleisle.  Rebecca DSC09178DSC09089DSC09115and Abigail love going to them and usually spend time throwing rocks in the water or playing with the leaves.  We went to three in one week and Rebecca thought everytime we were going outside, we would be heading to another waterfall. 

DSC09194We had quite the rainstorm one weekend earlier in the month, closing roads in our area.  The following day, we tried to go to our doctor's office in Hampton and ran into 4 closed roads due to washouts.

And finally, I thought I'd share a couple of photos that Sheena took from the Sussex Balloon Festival.  Although it was in September, I just found the photos now!





(I apologize for the mishmash of photos in this post, my editor was not cooperating!)

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