A week ago, Abigail walked!

We're very proud of our little girl Abigail.  She's been walking with help for a few months now, but in the last week, she's made little ventures on her own around the house.  She often looks up at us, reacting just as we do to her, saying, "Oooooh!"  This video was taken the day after she walked 5 steps.

7 thoughts on “A week ago, Abigail walked!

  1. I just want to point out how advanced this little one is, multi tasking!! COME ON, I know lots of adults that can walk and eat.
    Way to Abby.


  2. YAAY Abby! I love how at such a tender age she instinctively stops to smell the roses/munch on her cookie while on her way! She and Rebecca will be running circles around their Mum and Dad in no time!


  3. Way to go Abby! I’ve been wondering how you guys are doing and remembered this site! Love the commentary on the video as well!:) Cousin Leah just started walking too!


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