Fun with the Kids

DSC08664 DSC08560 Here are some good photos with Rebecca and Abigail.  Abigail is now standing (she skipped crawling)Download Two stepping Abigail or She's a bit unbalanced at walking with assistance, but coming along.  She's also now eating regular food in almost adult portions too, which is hilarious.  She's off formula and will be going into grade 12 next week!

DSC08625DSC08585 DSC08613 DSC08641 Both Abigail and Rebecca love visiting Brook Village and playing with 'gruhm pa' and 'gruhm ma' at the store. 

 Rebecca seems to be saying new words every day now and surprising us with what she can remember day to day and week to week.  Rebecca is now sleeping in a 'big girl bed' and having regular trips to the potty. We're hopin to negotiate the 'twos' quickly, ha!

DSC08649DSC08652DSC08634   As for other photos, Sheena took some cool ones of birds near Brook Village.  Here's some Evening Grosbeaks and Bald Eagles near the Mabou River.

4 thoughts on “Fun with the Kids

  1. Wow, the girls are growing like weeds! Both Abby and Becka are so beautiful, both have such lovely eyes. Keep posting pics and give the girls a hug for me!


  2. Wow, they have changed so much. I was wondering how the bed and the potty adventures were progressing. Good job Rebecca!!!
    P.S. you look great in your dress!
    Abby, look at you moving, I figured it wouldn’t be too long. I hope that runny nose is because you are working on teeth, otherwise that’s the longest cold in history!!
    Love you all, hugs all around.
    Frantie Steph


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