Some trips, some photos

DSC08416DSC08413Sheena, Rebecca and Abigail are visiting Grammy and Grampy in Cape Breton this week.  It was only a few weeks since our last trip…but now that we're in the east coast, its just one of the joys of living closer to family.

I'm a little behind on posting this summer.  Here's a few photos to get us caught up.  We visited quite a few family on our last Cape Breton trip mid-June.  It had been the first since January if you can believe it, mostly due to the busyness with our new house.  So, it was a chance for everyone to catch up with Abby, who's been growing like a weed since they saw her last. DSC08451DSC08423DSC08422 

  We also had a little walk to the neighbors, the Vandenheuval's and saw their farm.  Rebecca went nutty with all the baby animals, particularly cats who let her pick them up!  The following day, we also stopped at the Red Shoe with the girls after the beach. 

   From there, it was a bonus little trip for Sheena and I.  Mom and Dad took care of the girls for a couple of days and Sheena and I traveled to Margaree to visit Second Fork Falls.  After getting all scratched up and tired, we relaxed at a Bed and Breakfast in Baddeck (the Belleview B&B).  It was a cool time to be in Baddeck, as the Silver Dart Festivities were being held there.  We stayed for the airshow the following day, which had a coast guard demonstration and a CF18 doing some tricks.DSC08492DSC08475DSC08480 Afterward, we traveled to Sydney for a much enjoyed dinner at Governors and a movie. (yahoo, Star Trek!) Our stay included another B&B, the Colby House.  Probably one of the nicer places we've ever stayed and a wonderful gourmet breakfast too.  I'll never go back to a hotel room ever again!

The next day, we spent some time at Fortress Louisbourg. I had only been there as a kid, but thoroughly enjoyed this trip. We spent about 3 hours exploring around in the fort and the best part, listening to the actors describe life in the blustery and cold French outpost.  I could not imagine spending the required six to twelve years of service there.  One of the cooler parts were the military demonstDSC08500DSC08537rators, including a musket demonstration .  After Louisbourg, we traveled back towards Sydney and checked out the popular Gillis Falls while on the way home to Brook Village.

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