Happy 2nd Birthday Rebecca!

DSC08353DSC08361 DSC08358 It's May 20th and two years ago today, Sheena, Sabrina, Doug and I were driving around Millarville, Alberta looking for a farmers market and passing time while Sheena was in labour.  This year, we celebrated Rebecca's birthday in Belleisle Creek with some new additions and Nana and Papa.  The theme was 'Curious George' or as Rebecca refers to it, "Bob and Daddy" (Bob is her DSC08380stuffed animal (Curious George) and Daddy, well).  Rebecca   surprisingly loved the M&Ms rather than the cake and loved playing with her cousin Ocean and sister Abigail.  Thanks to everyone for the gifts, it was a fun time.  Oh and apparently Rebecca likes the song Happy Birthday (3mb)… Download Rebecca's Second Birthday

3 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Birthday Rebecca!

  1. Awesome video (love the replay!) Happy to see she had a good birthday. The cake looks really good. Did you save me a piece?


  2. What a hilariously cute video! Glad everyone had fun and looking forward to whenever I get to play with the girls again! Give hugs to both of them for me!


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