We’re back online

With the new and healthy competition in NB, the prices of satellite internet have come down significantly.  So, this past week, we ordered and have had a speedy install — so we're back online! 

Here's some more photos you've been missing since:

  In March, during a visit from MC and Lawrence, we visited an ice cave near Springfield.  It was only a 15 minute and about an hour walk to the ice cave area.  It's a bit tricky to get down into the little gully where the cave is, but for photos, the hillside is fine.  About a 6 kilometer walk on return trip.


During the winter, way up on Scotch Mountain (850m), we received a fair bit of snow since January.  One night, I took a few photos of the snow with neat lighting of the house.


 Last week, Sheena, the girls and I headed to Smith Falls near Springfield.  It's a little jewel off the Guthrie Road, toward Hampton.  Surprisingly tall in height, the falls showed some powerful flow, leading from the nearby pond across the road.  It's a great mini-hike for kids, with the trail only about a couple hundred feet long.


5 thoughts on “We’re back online

  1. The house looks great but, how far are the closest neighbours? Do you get deer and rabbits nearby? If so, I bet the girls love it!


  2. Hi Sheena and your growing family! I was doing some organzing of my messy office and came across this link to your site. Glad to hear you are back in the east and it looks like life is good!! Take Care
    Daphne Buffett


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