New Photos

DSC08269DSC08244DSC08266DSC08263DSC08253DSC08262 DSC08281DSC08239

Since our internet hiatus, we've missed out on sending photos to the family of our girls, Abigail and Rebecca.  Here are some photos from the past couple of months.  The outdoor photos were taken on a trip to a maple sugar farm near Moncton, NB with their cousin Ocean.  The rest at our new place in Belleisle during Easter.  The powdered photo is when Rebecca discovered the joys of baby powder while mom and dad were cooking in the kitchen. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “New Photos

  1. Thanks for the pictures! The girls look great, I love the dresses. How long did the cleanup of Rebecca’s room take? Yikes. So is Abby going to be a Habs fan?


  2. Love those pictures!! New haircut on Rebecca, new teeth in Abigail and of course we can see a big difference in both girls since the last time. Glad to see they are directed towards the right hockey team, although they are busy in the golf course along with T.O.


  3. YAY! Photos of the most adorable darlings! They, and both of you two, look great! I can’t believe how big the girls are getting! Please give a cuddle to each of the girls for me! XO


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