Belle-House update

Dsc01133Dsc01138 We have a driveway now at our land in Belleisle Creek, a culvert and quite a bit of area cleared.  Sheena and I were able to stake out the land today for where we want our house.  With a foundation being poured by next week, we should have the house delivered in a couple of weeks.  Sounds funny…’delivered’.

We’ve also decided to install a geothermal heat-pump (ground closed loop) system, which will be coiled in our backyard.  Heat-Pumps are one of the more environmentally friendly and efficient heating and cooling systems offered.  Heat-Pumps act as a heat source, air conditioner and dehumidifer for your home.  You can also have it heat up your hot water as well.  It took us a while to decide, but here’s some good reading if you’re interested in something similar.  For smaller houses, it can be worth your while.  With an R2000 house rating, home builders with heat pump systems are also eligible for government grants in New Brunswick.

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