Farm Fun in Sackville

Yesterday, we all headed to Sackville (NB) for the Sackville Fall Fair.  Each year, the town of Sackville and a local farm (Doncaster) hold a four day farm festival with music, tractors, farmer’s markets, interpretive displays, horses, hay rides, a corn maze and more. 

The first part of our day was a 10 AM clay pigeon shooting constest, which I entered and promptly failed miserably!  I’m used to target shooting, but shooting little flying things is alot harder than it looks.  The guys at the range were great though and one kindly lent me his semi-auto shotgun (fun!).  From there, we headed over to Main Street and the Doncaster Farm, where a field of entertainment was in view.   We made sure we took in a hay ride, which gave us a tour of the whole area.  There were antique and new tractors also to look at and Rebecca took a liking to them already. Of course, we also couldn’t miss Dsc01093
the petting zoo area with lambs, rabbits, ducks, pigs, and many more.   Although the lambs were a bit overwhelming, Rebecca did enjoy kissing the baby rabbits.  After our mandatory farm sausage and corn meal, we took in a few of the demonstrations by the wood cutters, shingle makers and antique motors.  We were surprised at the amount of stuff in one place.  One of the more memorable moments was when a group of asian Mount ‘A’ students saw Rebecca near the corn ‘sandbox’.  They surrounded her, taking Dsc01094
pictures and ‘awwwwing’ like crazy.  It reminded me of our first arrival in Japan back some 25 years ago — when the locals went nuts over my sister Laurena’s hair.  I should have taken a picture this time, Rebecca had her own papparazzi!   We stayed for a few hours — but skipped the parade.   Maybe next year we’ll take it in…

3 thoughts on “Farm Fun in Sackville

  1. I can still hear the Japanese saying “Aww Kawai-ee neh!” while petting my hair. Gosh that was 25 years ago! hehe. Poor Rebecca has to live through it too. Being cute is such a burden!
    You look like naturals around the tractors and farm animals. I predict that Rebecca will follow in her relatives’ footsteps and become an Aggie someday!!


  2. My grandparents lived in the village of Dorchester, just outside Sackville, so I spent a lot of time there when I was growing up. My parents actually got married there, too. Anyway, for all that, I never went to the Fall Fair for some reason. Maybe we just weren’t there at the right time. Glad you had fun!
    Oh, and I hear “kawaiiiiii!!!” pretty much on a daily basis now. 🙂


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