Visiting Elgin and its waterfalls

Dsc01040Dsc01041Dsc01052Dsc01037This weekend, we headed to the Petticodiac  area for a bit of an adventure in finding a few waterfalls along the Pollett River.  Our trip lead us Elgin, a small village south of Petticodiac.  In a fortunate pit-stop, we came across the Elgin Country Market and  we were suprised to see this little hub of activity on a Saturday.  Inside the market,  it was neat to see a country general store, restaurant and music stage all in one.  We stopped for a bite to eat of hamburgs and corn on the cob and Rebecca surely enjoyed our little rest-stop.

Later, we headed to the Pollett River, which follows highway 905, and found Gordon Falls just off the roadway.  I couldn’t get over the great architecture of the 60 year old stone bridge overlooking the falls.  The falls were small in height, but had quite a bit of flow in the river.   After checking out for a bit and a few photos, we continued upstream to Gibson Brook Falls, which was a small but neat brook, amidst outcroppings of cliffs and forest.  Rebecca had quite a good time playing among the rocks while Sheena and I took a few photos.  I couldn’t help but notice all the swimming holes around the area, but the colder weather kept us from getting too wet. 

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