More Fundy water

Dsc08115Dsc08122Dsc08150Last week, Rebecca and I took a trip to Fundy National Park to explore more waterfalls in the area.  We headed to Dickson Falls for our first excursion.  Rebecca really enjoys the backpack, but likes exploring wherever we stop even more.  Dickson Falls was very quaint, with a boardwalk for the majority of the trip.  Some of it was fairly steep stairs, but I was wishing there was access to the falls.  The second falls we visited were Herring Cove Falls.  They were fairly small and a short distance from the Dsc08140Dsc08124fielded picnic area.  When you continue along the trail to Herring Cove,  the view from the barnicled beach was quite nice.   The strong wind did keep us from exploring much on foot in the cove area, however  I think I still have some of the Fundy mud on my hiking shoes!  A great outing, both hikes were in the ‘kid bringing distance’ with about 2kms return each trip. 

By the way, these pictures were taking with my "used to be broken" camera.  A few months ago, after we moved home, our Sony DsC-S90 went on the fritz.  The lens would not extract from the camera after it was turned on.  After taking it apart and having an unsuccessful attempt to fix it, I decided to give it to Rebecca to play with.  She took it everywhere and loved dropping it, throwing it and basically doing what kids do to toys.  Then magically, last week, Sheena noticed that the camera lens was actually working again.   She managed to sneak it away from Rebecca — and it is the standard hiking camera now.  Who’da thought it would work after being smashed around so much and take normal photos!

One thought on “More Fundy water

  1. Love those pictures of Rebecca – she’s so sweet – looks like she’ll be a good little hiker in the years to come. Can’t wait to go on a few hikes with her.


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