Getting ready in Belleisle Creek

f you’ve been wondering what’s been going on for the past month or so with us — well, we’re getting ready for our move to Belleisle Creek, NB.  We took possession of our land this past week.  It’s about 45 minutes from Saint John and will soon be our new home in the country!  I’ve spent the past few weeks doing some planning for the land — along with contacting contractors around the area to help set up our new house.  It’s going to be a Supreme Homes built pre-fabricated home (made in a factory, then delivered on a flatbed truck in two pieces). Ours will be the ‘Cheticamp’ style, or a varation of it.  So far, from what we’ve seen its a neat process and a really nice end result.  So, hopefully in the next month, we’ll move in to our home.  This week I cut trees for the driveway, house and yard with a friend from work.  This photo shows one of the bigger trees we cut (it was a bit hairy cutting it down because it was so close to a power-line.  But never the less it went down fine!).  Next comes the excavation of the driveway and foundation ‘hole’ to be done this weekend. 

One thought on “Getting ready in Belleisle Creek

  1. Jesus Christ, you’re fit! Your arms are ginormous! 🙂 If we ever all come together for a 24-hour navigation challenge again, you’ll kick our asses…


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