Congrats Karen and Darrell!

We attended a family wedding on the weekend, our first in a couple of years.   This one was especially special as Sheena, Laurena and Sabrina were standing in the wedding for their cousin and best-friend, Karen.  The weekend made for some fun school and family reunions
and some interesting dancing (Download wedding_dancing.wmv
).  Congratulations to Karen and Darrell on their marriage!

3 thoughts on “Congrats Karen and Darrell!

  1. O.K. Now what did we miss!! Besides seeing Karen and Darrell on their big day we missed all the beautifully dressed family of mine. Not only that we missed that new dance, they should come to Cape Breton and try that one out here. Looks like a good time was had by alllll!!


  2. Funny thing Mom, the dancers were Darrell’s Caper Crew. The dance has been done quite often on the Cape. It was a great time, lots of other crazy dancing and lots of laughs. The Morgan/Trenholms looked beautiful and were great hosts!!


  3. You guys look great, love the hair and the dresses. Looks like a great time. Karen you look stunning. … Dave the hair comment is for you!


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