Exploring Fundy Waterfalls

On Sunday, Kris and I headed to Fundy National Park to explore some waterfalls on
the eastern side
of the park.  Our goal was to visit five waterfalls in the area of the Moosehorn Trail and the Broad River.  After an hour and a bit drive from Moncton, we headed into the park and up the Laverty Road toward the trail-head.  We began our trip by taking the Moosehorn Trail about 2 kilometres to where it meets the Broad River.  From there, we visited two falls just off the trail.  The Moosehorn Fall was fairly tall, although had a little bit of flowage.  The second fall was on the Broad River, with a short drop into a large and clear pool.  Both of us were amazed at the clearness of the water and we were half wishing it was a hot sunny day. 

We continued our trek southeast along the Broad River, eventually finding that we were following an old unmaintained trail.  The trail wove between the east riverbank and into the trees, but actually still had signage and a few metal rungs for climbing in and around the large rocks by the river.  We stopped at Broad River Falls for a couple leaps and a cold dip.  Keeping moving along the Broad River, we stopped to take photos of a few smaller falls along the way.  The river had quite a few little drops in it and many pools for swimming.  After reaching the junction with The Forks trail and 45 Mile Creek, we stopped for lunch by the river and continued northeast this time to reach Match Factory Falls, about a half hour upstream.  This section was by far the most challenging and technical rockhopping of the day’s travel, mostly due to how tired we were getting after 3 hours of fairly tricky riverside travel.  We reached Match Factory Falls and were greeted with a fairly big swimming area and a generally neat looking falls — with two spouts of water converging in the middle.  I had tried to swim underneath them, but the current was too strong and the water was fairly deep.  From there, the day began to wear on us…and we headed back to the Forks trail for our return climb to the parking lot. 

Although I had hiked in Fundy before, I was generally impressed by the beauty of the forest we had traveled through (there was quite a canopy of leaves) and the almost untouched sections of trail.  It was a beautiful area, and in some places didn’t seem to get many visitors — which is just the way we like it! 

Thanks to Kris for the photos,  my camera died. Literally.

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