Rebecca meets the ocean

Dsc08084Dsc08091Dsc08077Dsc08066While spending our weekend in Moncton, Rebecca, Sheena and I
headed out to Parlee Beach for the
afternoon.  It was going to be a hot one, so we figured, what better than spend some time at the beach!  As it turned out, it was Rebecca
‘s first time in the ocean!  It was funny actually, we had set up some of her sand toys (buckets, shovels, etc), but she went straight to the water.  So, we spent most of the time walking her around in the water and watching her play with the rocks, seaweed and flotsam that was around.  Rebecca splashed around like it was a tub, occasionally pausing when the cold water hit another unexposed part of her.  It was a beautiful day in Shediac with very little crowds, a rareity on a such a nice day.

Here’s a video of Rebecca enjoying the water: Download rebecca_at_parlee_beach.wmv

2 thoughts on “Rebecca meets the ocean

  1. I love the outfits MacDonald Ladies! Old Navy? Looks like it will be a fun summer for Rebecca…good thing you live closer to the ocean now!


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