Happy 1st Birthday Rebecca!

of today at 11:20pm, its been a year since our little joy has been born!  Yes, a year has gone by very quickly.  Rebecca is developing before our eyes, learning to copy what we do (oh oh), learning to stand and now is able to say a few words really well, especially in the morning when she wants out of her crib (Mum, mum!).   Rebecca enjoyed a few iced carrot muffins and some icecream cake icing in a pre-birthday party we had last week.  She’s settling in to life in New Brunswick and spends quite a bit of time outdoors on the deck, playing with rocks in the yard or going for stroller walks with Sheena.  By the way she’s learning to stand, it won’t be long and she’ll be walking beside Sheena and I!

Happy Birthday Rebecca and for the rest, check out more photos on our Babymac site.

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