A Cross-Canada trip

20080503_00820080506_00120080503_00620080502_010Well, we’ve all arrived safely in New Brunswick after travelling from Alberta by both plane for Sheena and Rebecca and four days of straight travel by car by myself, Kris and our cat Lilo.   Rebecca and Sheena set up shop at her parents place last week, just before our cross-Canada drive.    Traveling across Canada by car certainly yeilds some interesting sights:  there’s the
flat travel from Calgary to the Ontario border, mixed with the occasional hill, grain elevator or salt flat; the rugged northern roads with transport trucks that rule the road, the OPP and their 20080506_00320080505_00620080503_013saturation patrols and the single lane highway from Manitoba to Ottawa (!); the crazy drivers of Montreal, including a funny story of how I almost got the Yaris compacted by a transport truck trying to merge against ‘Montreal rules’, a big bridge accident in Quebec City and also trying to navigate in another language after a 15 hour day; and finally, the welcome 4 lane highway through New Brunswick and the views of the recently flooded communities.  As you can see from the photos, we have a bit of a theme of Cleaning Up Canada.  Thanks to Kris for his ‘borderline’ photography.

For the next few months, we’ll be living in Moncton and Saint John and commuting between both until things are more finalized with our new home.  We’ll keep you updated and you’ll probably see more of us now that we can visit family and friends in the maritimes whenever we want! 

7 thoughts on “A Cross-Canada trip

  1. I dunno, I was thinking of taking the whole site down, erasing all the content, then erecting a totally different looking site with an abstract name and funny colours…but, then I came to my senses. 😛
    There will be no changes in the name you smart-asses.


  2. Love the pics and the theme guys! The signs seemed to get cleaner as you headed East. I bet the NS one was sparkling 😛 Lilo looked like she had fun too. You didnt post anything about her being smuggled into a hotel? Pour quoi, its a funny story 🙂


  3. Wow, new look. Me like. Very formal, polished… I guess you’ve given up the rugged west.
    Miss you guys. Glad to here to voyage was smooth..no…fun…no…adventurous…Right!!!
    Keep’m coming.


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