Moving update and house for sale!

Sheena and Rebecca left Calgary yesterday and arrived safely in Moncton.  We’ll be staying at Sheena’s parent’s place for a little while until things are finalized with our house in Airdrie.   Right now, I’m doing some of the final preps for the movers who come tomorrow.  On Friday, probably around noon, I’ll be leaving as well…with Kris!  Yes, Kris is flying from Halifax to help drive the Matrix across to NB.  It should be a wild and crazy trip (not), but we’ll have a little tag-along, Lilo.  Lilo was supposed to fly with Sheena’s plane, but I forgot to read the fine print on her ticket about booking a pet  with Westjet.  A little lesson for anyone booking a flight with a pet online, make sure you call afterward to have them added to your ticket.  Anyhow, we’ll be making a five day trip starting at the end of the week.  Wish us luck and… anyone want to buy a townhouse in Airdrie?  Sorry, a shameless plug.  🙂

5 thoughts on “Moving update and house for sale!

  1. Well, I was thinking of moving to Calgary actually…maybe transfer to the city’s wastewater plant. Soo, we could make a deal on your house eh? bhahaha.


  2. Sorry to see you guys go… you’re good friends and Erin and I will both miss you guys. We will come see you guys someday.


  3. Hey guys just wanted to say how much you are missed BACK HOME. Been out to Airdrie a few times … super Walmart, and it just isn’t the same.
    Hope you are settled in.
    Thanks again for all the goodies, I had to build a pantry.!
    Love you!


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