Yup, you heard it, we’re moving.  As we were just informed today, David got a job in Saint John, New Brunswick — to start mid-May!!   Until that time, we’ll be busy packing up, selling our house and all the rest of the stuff required for a move across the country.  We’re excited to return to the maritimes, its been a long time coming. Woohoo!

9 thoughts on “Next stop, NEW BRUNSWICK!

  1. Oh Kris…that was an awful (Lawrence-type) joke. he he. Congrats Dave, Sheena, Rebecca and BM2 (Baby Mac 2)! Happy to hear that you get to raise the little Macs in the east. Expect lots of visitors now that you’ll be so close 🙂


  2. Dave, Sheena, and Rebecca,
    This is great news, looking forward to seeing another family member getting closer to home
    Stanley and Margie


  3. Congratulations, Dave, but I’m sorry to see you go. It was great fun scrambling with you. Hopefully you’ll keep peak-bagging in NB. I’m actually gonna be in Halifax for 2 months starting at the end of May (on a military course). If I have a chance, I’ll maybe try and come out and look you up in Saint John. Take care.


  4. Excellent news, you guys! Er… not that you’re actually any closer to us, of course! 😉 But I know this is something you’ve wanted for a while, and your family must be as happy as you are. Good luck with packing and moving, it sounds like it’ll be fast…


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