Seeing the First Flames

Dsc07804Thanks to a wonderful Christmas gift,
Sheena and I went out to our first Calgary
Flames hockey game — which was also Sheena’s first NHL game.  Our seats were awesome, close to the ice in a season ticket holder spot.  We didn’t have any flames stuff to wear, so we wore red just to fit in. 🙂  The game against Minnesota  couldn’t have been better — against a closely matched team and with both vying for a better playoff spot, the friction was high between them.  There were five fights, one hat-trick by Jerome Iginla and quite a few great saves by Kipper.  We spent the night taking in the sights, sounds and flames of a regular hockey game at the ‘Dome.  We kept thinking, what a luxury it would be to have season tickets.  Thanks Steph for babysitting and giving us a great night!

One thought on “Seeing the First Flames

  1. Awesome seats! Must have been an good game to watch so close to center ice. You guys look great even without the Flame jerseys. 🙂


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