Hummingbird Plume Fire Lookout

Dsc07555Lookout_viewI went with a few friends to Hummingbird Plume Lookout, located in the Nakiska area of Kananaskis Country.  The lookout lies atop a ridge along the trail system to Skogan Pass and is part of the cross-country ski trails in the area.   Hiking to the lookout is very straight forward, although somewhat onerous due to the constant switchbacking of the ski trail.  The trail system is pristine with a great trackset for the skiers.  On our
trip, we were against the grain, taking snowshoes and one snow skate.  The snow skate came in useful as a diversion for the return trip — with each of us taking turns trying it out (I really need a steady-cam: Download chase_skate.wmv).    Good views from the top and a cool historical lookout as well.

One thought on “Hummingbird Plume Fire Lookout

  1. Hee hee, in the shack picture you look like you’re going to serve up some greasy fries or a Medium Double Double. Love the pics, wish we had snow here for more than a day to go hiking/skiing/snow-sport of some sort!!!


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