Two Weekends, Two snowshoe trips

On the past couple of weekends we’ve been lucky enough to have two days of snowshoeing in Peter Lougheed Provinical Park.  Peter Lougheed Park is the snow belt of the Kananaskis area and usually receives tons of snow every year.  With a metre or two of snow already,  a few official trails and tons of other places to go, its certainly a hot-spot for winter hikers and skiers. 

Mt_chesterDsc07248Last week, I headed to Chester Lake with Steph, Chase and Mike B.  It was my first
outing with their
group and it was fun to have company for once!  I had been to Chester Lake before with Jeff and enjoyed the fairly aerobic climb to the lake this time as well.  Chester Lake is about 10k return, but with the slight incline, it makes for a full trip.  With more snow than I’d seen a while, it was a fun day of trudging through powder and knocking snow down on unsuspecting (which became eventually very suspecting) people in the group.  The views of Mt. Chester and Mt. Galatea were spectacular. 

PanoDsc07346Dsc07322Dsc07328This week, we went snowshoeing again, literally across the road from the Chester Lake trail to do the
Hogarth Lakes trail.  The group this time was Sheena, Steph, Rebecca and I.   The Hogarth Lakes trail runs perpendicular to the Burstall Pass Trail, which leads into the backcountry.  Instead, on the Lakes trail, you weave in and out of the forest and nearby water with plenty of views of the surrounding snowy mountains.  The trail is fairly flat, allowing for a gentle snowshoe pace.  This area is very well visited in the winter.  This time, we were able to bring Rebecca and her new sled! As for Rebecca, she worked hard during 1.75 hour driving trip to the area and didn’t liked being cooped up in her sled at the beginning.  But after a nap which took pretty much the whole hike, she woke up near the end and enjoyed the last pull to the parking lot!  With great weather, it was another perfect time in the PLPP.

One thought on “Two Weekends, Two snowshoe trips

  1. Was just looking for some new unofficial snowshoe trails in K-Country and low and behold the couple with the sled. Sue was wondering who was in there. We were the couple that played leapfrog with you guys a bit on the back side of Hogarth yesterday. Nice day. Have fun out there!


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