Merry Christmas 2007


Merry Christmas from Calgary!  Sheena, Rebecca and Dave want to send Christmas wishes to all our friends and relatives in the east, west and everywhere else.

As you can tell, we’ll be in Calgary this year for Rebecca’s first visit from Santa. Although there’s no snow, there’s definitely the Christmas spirit around the house with Sheena’s efforts at decorating, baking and dressing Rebecca in some good festive wear.  Trust me, she’ll love it in 20 years. 😉 

2007 has been quite a year for us — especially with the birth of our little one.  We’ve spent the summer and fall learning parenthood,  visiting with family and friends in the east,  the occasional touristy trip around town and some great hiking.  As for next year — we’ll hope for just the same amount of change — you never know!

Anyway — have a safe Christmas and New Year’s from the MacDonalds Family.

(Oh, and it took a couple
to get the above picture. )

One thought on “Merry Christmas 2007

  1. Merry Christmas Dave, Sheena and Rebecca! Love the pictures. You guys are looking good! Sheena, the hair, red shirt and of course the cutie on you lap shows what a hot mama you are! Nice jeans too Dave. Miss you guys and wish you well for the new year!


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