Christmas Tree Hunting

Christmas trees are fairly hard to get around southern Alberta.  Plus, buying a traditional balsam fir
Christmas tree could run you upwards of
$90.00 for a nice full one that we were used to in the east coast.  Usually, the trees you buy here are also dried out — no matter what type you get, as they have to be imported from BC or elsewhere.   Pine trees are significantly cheaper than spruce and dominate the tree lots,  but these are obviously a little different than the tree we’re used to having.

So for a little change, Sheena, Rebecca and I went out Christmas Tree hunting near Cremona, Alberta, in search of a fresh live tree — albeit still pine.  Cremona is about 45 minutes northwest of Airdrie and in an area that is fairly wooded as its closer to the mountains.  Every year, the Junior Forest Wardens of the area sell cheap permits to cut pine Christmas trees on new growth land a short distance from the town.

So, Rebecca braved the -20 C weather — and we cut our tree, with the help of a little  hot chocolate and hot dogs!

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