Brook Village Grocery on CBC

Img_0156A few months back, my Dad was called by CBC saying that they were interested in doing a radio show on
the history and operation of local general stores.  As of this year, Lawrence has been running the Brook Village Grocery for ten years, but he’s just one of many owners the store has had since it opened in the 1800s.  Since that time, the store has also had many names, but the building and services to the community have largely remained the same.  The store itself is one of three buildings that make up the small hamlet of Brook Village, and it remains a focal point in many ways for the community.

So, this summer, the CBC radio show Information Morning crew showed up on site in Brook Village for an interview.  I’ve included it here
(7MB) for all to enjoy courtesy of CBC.  Congrats Dad!

Download lawrence_macdonald_information_morning_interview.wav

One thought on “Brook Village Grocery on CBC

  1. One of my favorite parts of the story is when the radio guy was outside of the store and mentioned the welcome sign. (I painted the sign!! hee hee) The BVG is quite the store, with the various customers coming in and the history of the store. Also being both a ‘customer’ and a part time store clerk, it makes me proud that the store is still around after so many years. Congrats Boss!


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