One week countdown

A week from today, Kris and I will be headed on a backpacking journey from Banff to Lake Louise along the Sawback Trail in Banff National Park.  We’ll be spending 7 days and 6 nights travelling 74 kms through the mountain passes and valleys from Mt. Norquay  into the Skoki area, ending at the Temple Road.  Along the way, we hope to take in a few scrambles of the mountains we pass by, especially in the Skoki area — whose mountains I haven’t visited yet.  We’ll be taking the western route, through Mystic Pass and Johnstons Creek route.  Should be a good trek.  Lets hope for good weather, minimal bugs and an absence of hungry bears! 🙂 

One thought on “One week countdown

  1. Sounds awesome, glad you guys can get together to do something like that. Would love to join you… maybe next year!
    Looking forward to some good photos and travel tales when you get back…


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