Saskatchewan vacation

Dsc06117Dsc06064Dsc06108Last weekend, Sheena, Rebecca and I went to the Turtle Lake and
Glaslyn area of
Saskatchewan to visit with friends and have a wee little vacation.   In both spots, we were put up by Dean and Laura’s parents — who graciously accepted us into t
heir homes for the second year in a row.  We started with 2 and half days at the lake: enjoying swimming, boating, fishing, and just plain relaxing on the sheltered lakeside patio.  Rebecca had her first boat ride — and the boys caught a few northern pike and walleye, making for some great dinners.  We then had a day and a half at their cattle ranch near Glaslyn — had a few sessions of shooting gophers (a Saskatchewan staple) and took a few tours of the area.  Of real interest was a time when Sheena, the baby and I wereDsc06139Dsc06146
walking through nearby fields while taking pictures of a nearby lightning storm.  Suddenly, a bolt of lightning hit a ridge about 8 kms from where
we were, starting a fire instantly.  We rushed back to the ranch house and eventually went to help put the fire out on a neighbours field near Aquadeo.  It was quite an experience and quite a storm at that! 

A great time again in Saskatchewan — thanks to Dean and Laura’s family for the meals, beds, haircuts (!) and friendship.

More photos on flickr of the trip and the fire.

One thought on “Saskatchewan vacation

  1. Looks like a good vacation! Makes me want to go to Sask. A few of the pics sort of looked like the Mabou area, minus how flat it is. Boady seems to have loved posing for pics, they turned out good too. Love the family photo, and your shorter hair Sheens! Looking good guys!


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