Dsc06023I had my 75th blood donation this week — with a bout of plasma.  I had my first blood donation in 1995 and started donating regularly since September 11th, 2001.  Now, I do plasma and platelets alternatively, which is a good chance to just relax in a chair and read.  Gotta have that time in life!

However, it’s only my 6th this year, which is lagging a bit behind my bet with Kris.  6 to 11, I have some catching up to do!

One thought on “75

  1. That’s a freakin’ cute picture! I like how happy you look especially with you hooked up to that blood sucking machine. Congrats on being a regular donor! Wish I could go further than my 3 or 4 donations but cant beat my big bro! 🙂


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