Baby Mac arrives

Dsc05428Dsc05440Dsc05436Thanks to everyone for their well-wishes and congratulations!

Rebecca was born on May 20th at 11:19pm, six pounds 2 ounces, in the midst of a neat heavy rain and thunderstorm.  It was an interesting few days from the start of Sheena’s labour and leading up to the birth as Sheena’s beginnings of labour started Wednesday evening.  Her water had broken on Friday (despite us knowing, which was a funny story actually).   We attended the hospital early Saturday morning, but decided to head home after they said she was not quite at their stage for admission.  We were in a waiting area that night and the hospital was again teeming with women  in labour upon our arrival on Sunday morning.  We ended up having a few hours to wait for a room.  Once we were  actually able to get a room on the ward,  it was great.  We had a nurse that stayed with us the whole time  — encouraging Sheena, monitoring everything, even rubbing
Sheena’s back while Sheena’s mom and I were with her.  Incredible.   Sheena really did well, despite having been in active labour for a
couple of days and nights — and her hypnobirthing helped her a lot
throughout — even though due to the special circumstances that arose made inducement a necessity.   The final birth was very smooth and baby was quickly opening her eyes and giving a little smirky smile to Sheena.  She was on Sheena for half a  minute when one of us realized that no one had seen the sex yet!  It was great to see that Rebecca was healthy, which is all we could ask for.

Rebecca is pretty quiet, loves looking around when she’s awake and has her cute little sqeaks every now and then.   Rebecca and mom will have to stay in the hospital for a couple of days, but will be coming home on Tuesday.  It’ll be a happy day tomorrow and we’ll be celebrating the new addition to the MacDonald’s household.   

I’ll be posting regular photos on the Baby mac site

4 thoughts on “Baby Mac arrives

  1. Congratulations to the new Mommy & Daddy.
    I’m so pleased things went well Sheena. I know nanny Jan wouldn’t have been TOO excited.
    Happy Birthday Rebecca Rose!


  2. congrats from all of us and hope everyone is doing fine including grandma deroche pappy deroche seems to be good.


  3. Again Congratuations – I just wanted to put in in print. We are so happy for both of you and Rebecca is just beautiful. Lots of pictures shown around the store and everyone from Brook Village say Congratulations.
    Mom & Dad MacD


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