CBC does the West Coast Trail

I came across an intriguing series on the CBC website the other day, called "Seven".  It’s basically the adventures of Mark Kelley, a reporter/anchor who I’ve always found fun to watch.  Each week features a different ‘life’ that he takes on for seven days — teachers, homeless, hitchhiker, and others.  This week, they featured a trip along the West Coast trail in British Columbia.  Kelley embarks on his first backpacking trip in a two part account of his adventure.  The two episodes are quite funny — although I was surprised at how ‘supported’ the backpacking trail is for groups (not to diminish the apparent difficulty of it, though. I wonder if the backcountry meals provided by people who live in the area are for each traveler?) Also, it seemed that quite a bit of the trail was elevated on bridges, ladders, ropes, etc.  Of course, they are filming and he’s stopping along the way to talk to people, but I guess I thought it would be more ‘out-there’ than it appeared to be.  A good watch though and the report touches on some of the sentiments that make me enjoy backpacking — in areas with a little less people if I can help it . 

Check out the videos on the CBC "Seven" site:  http://www.cbc.ca/news/media/seven.html

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