Cold Calgary

We’re back in Calgary after a great holiday in the east — and you can certainly tell we’re back on the cold prairie.  This week is featuring some of the coldest weather we’ve ever experienced.  With the wind chill, it’ll be down around the -40C range.  Those temps usually make for some cold night shifts!  If we’re not working, we’re usually holed up in the house with blankets watching season 5 of 24.  Here’s a sample:


2 thoughts on “Cold Calgary

  1. Yikes, dat’s cold! Hey do you guys have a slowcooker? If you do I will send you a recipe for Meatloaf…its sooo good! You could warm up eating some good grub and listening to the new Rankin album (definately a cd to buy if you haven’t yet…I’m addicted to it!). Loved seeing you both home at New Years and hearing the fiddle/guitar playing!!


  2. Minus 40C, that’s totally gross. It’s a lovely 22 or 23 degrees Celcius here, which is actually on the cool side. Good thing we’re heading up to the north coast on Wed. to soak up the Caribbean sun:P


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