Sad day for Celtic

John Allan Cameron died yesterday.  John Allan was a friend to many, including my family.  I saw him in concert a few times, but only met him once when I was about 14 years old.  My family was staying at an aunt’s house in the Riverview area for the night, when we were treated for a few hours with music from John Allan, Dave MacIssac and my aunt Jeanette playing piano right in her living room!  It was a neat night that I’ll never forget…Brucex23

Image posted from  the Chronicle Herald (Nov 23, 2006).

2 thoughts on “Sad day for Celtic

  1. The night at Jeanettes was a fun night for sure, good guitar tunes. I remember hearing “J’nallan” play “Getting Dark again” at the Celidh Cottages a few years ago, very cool.


  2. I remember seeing him on the Mike Bullard show a few years back. He was in the audience, and nobody knew who he was. Bullard talked to him for a minute, asked him what he did. “I’m a musician,” he humbly replied. Bullard wished him “good luck with that…” Little did Bullard know that he was standing next to someone who’d have more impact on Canadiana than he ever could.
    You’re lucky that you had the opportunity to meet him, to say the least. Dad was always a big fan of his.


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