Sisterhood and the Travelling Sabrina

My sister Sabrina graced us with her presence this past weekend. She flew in Thursday night andSask
spent a whirlwind three days with us doing such things as:  pregger shopping (thank you so much for that!); a day drive to Medicine Hat (thank you to Celeste for lunching with us!) – oh and we can’t forget the quick trip to the Saskatchewan border;  and finally spending a day with us in theDsc05113 mountains!  I am sure she is glad we didn’t make her hike all the way back to Calgary, but we did manage a small hike after we took in the awesome Christmas Market at Millarville.  Just as I had ordered, Mother Nature granted us a Christmas snow fall while strolling along side Upper Kananaskis Lake. It was a fun filled
weekend with lots of laughter and warmth. Thanks for the visit Sabs!


One thought on “Sisterhood and the Travelling Sabrina

  1. Well don’t we take a nice photo together!! lol lol I had a great visit with you guys that weekend!! We had some good laughs and I want to thank you for putting up with me. The bed downstairs was great, it was my own little retreat!!!
    It was nice that David didn’t have to work alot either as we don’t get to spend alot of time with him since he does work alot of shifts.
    You both have a beautiful home full of love and support!! When Doug and I get our house I’m calling you up Sheen to come help me decorate!! lol
    The mountains were gorgeous and I loved hiking with you both!! Next time I’m there we’ll have to go again only to a different mountain top!! I’m so far behind in the hiking you know!!! lol lol
    The Christmas Millarville Market was great and they had a wide selection of goodies to choose from. I know they didn’t have sausages Sheen but you just can’t win them all!! lol
    Take care and we’ll talk later on.


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