Announcing: Lil’ Dude

We have big news this weekend — we’re expecting!  Sheena is 12 weeks along now and doing great.  Her due date should be sometime in May 2007.  (They’ve pinned it down to May 18th, but we’ll see about that.)    No news on boy or girl, alien or human, but we’ll let you know.  🙂  Judging by the ultrasound photos, we definately have a ‘Snoopy

We’ve started a webpage for any baby specific news or photos, you can check it out here:

8 thoughts on “Announcing: Lil’ Dude

  1. Once again, congratulations on becoming first time parents!
    Thank you for making us Nana and Papason for the first time! We are so THRILLED!
    I am also thankful that we are free to tell our family and friends now! Thought I’d bust before you guys gave the OK!
    take care, love to you both.
    mom and dad D.


  2. Congratulations to you both. We are very happy to hear your news and of course grandma-to-be is just beaming(we haven’t seen grandpa-to-be yet!)….And the Mac Donalds continue to populate the world! Way to go!!!!Suas i!


  3. Congrats!!! (From all of the Beaton/MacDonald cousins I have talked to out West, up North and in the East). You are going to be AWESOME parents. I can’t wait to spoil the Lil Dude/dudette. Oh Dave…I can just hear “This is not a Gymnasium!!” already.


  4. Congratulations Dave & Sheena – how exciting! I’m so happy to hear you have a little dude/dudette on the way. Sheena – enjoy this time and make sure Dave waits on you, hand & foot! =-) I hope you’re doing well and I’ll be sure to keep checking for pregnancy updates!
    All the best to you both,
    Lisa Howe


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