The Rocks (Deroches) visit Airdrie

Dsc05003Dsc05011A couple of weeks ago, we had a visit from Sheena’s parents who hail from New
Brunswick.  It had been Reg’s first flight in a long while and the same to Calgary for Janice.  Sheena’s mother had lived in Calgary for a while back when it was a much smaller city.   Although I was working quite a bit while they were here, we enjoyed their company, it was certainly great to have family for a visit.   
Sheena took them around Airdrie, Calgary and the mountains on a few road trips and then drove them to Victoria.   The bunch visited Sheena’s sister Sabrina while there as well.  Here’s a couple of photos from their trip.  Thanks for the visit, les Deroches!

One thought on “The Rocks (Deroches) visit Airdrie

  1. David: Thanks for the nice write up. We enjoyed your new home, and warm hospitality.
    Next time, I hope your fiddle is in Working Order! Thanks for the floor show(Celtic gone amuck on the new kitchen floor!), and we will always remember the “Drunken Chicken”. Life doesn’t get any better….lol lol lol Took note of the family name’s meaning….we need to get us a BIG rock for the front lawn! lol lol lol
    love and blessings….mom and dad D.


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